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Dennis Rebelo Interactive Keynotes & Special Presentations


Dennis Rebelo grew up in the steel business sweeping metal filings off of a concrete floor in a steel manufacturing company from the time he was 13 until he graduated from the University of Rochester with a BS/BA in Organizational Behavior and Analysis and Psychology.  Leaving the metal filings behind (sort of) the work ethic he witnessed drove scholarly pursuits at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School in a Certificate Program in Managing Businesses in Hypercompetitive Industries, a Masters in Leadership and Business Ethics from Duquesne University and his decision to engage in a Ph.D. Program in Organization Systems at Saybrook University.  Dennis’ organizational work and classes represent an approach to business and organizational life which honors work ethic and is steeped in a rich humanistic tradition. With a focus on how the dwelling place of one’s work can be bettered through practice adjustment, knowledge of self and systems and creativity engagement of one’s essence- a person’s natural tendencies Dennis’ speeches on these topics are in high demand now more than ever.

  • The Human Science of Trust Formation
  • Value Enhancement Dialogues
  • Archetypal Awareness in Organizational Life
  • Optimizing Your Organizational Story
  • The Power of a Leader’s Syntonic Story
  • The Power of Identity-Based Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Your Personal Franchise
  • Phenomenological Leadership Lessons
  • The Essence of Entrepreneurial Formation Experiences (EFE’s)

Is your approach provocative enough to strike a chord with the prospect and engage them in a meaningful conversation that shows value in 18-20 minutes and offers up you and your organization as the ultimate value proposition?  If you paused, tilted your head, and thought for even a brief moment, it may be time to consider remapping your presentation, your sales call, your business language approach to expand pathways to clients and their organizations versus silent shut doors.

Of course you could always use “hope” as a strategy right?  Of course you can’t just hope which is why you are still reading.  If your care for the client, a love for your organization’s mission and a yearning to be more human in sales and business presentations exists, contact our office for a voice conversation.

The sales process may win clients, but a ripened understanding of self and others will assist in re-contouring leaders’ approaches to leading, and followers’ lenses for following.  Story is the “crucible” or vessel which fuses fragments of meaning into a meaningful messaging.  All of our programs honor the story as a primary modality in conveying messages whether the result is short in length, long, or in the middle.  Strategic intent along will only focus a storyteller, the “how” a story is told and the moments leading up to its telling for sales professionals and leadership will be the difference maker. 

Do your stories hit the mental bull’s eye you wish them to hit?  Do they do it quickly?  Do they trigger emotions which build relationship bridges to listeners or are they the vanilla flavor of most in your industry, told by like leaders and professionals?  It simply does not have to be that way. 

It is your call.  It is your development to take hold of or to deflect.  Some professionals will take hold of their storytelling futures, some will not, and we need to be “okay” with that despite knowing the positive results of our programs.  With ease and grace and honor, either way, we offer you our best en route to your success.


Outliers on Deck...
The Rice Paddy, Math Students and Sales....

As seen at the Unleashing AS3™ DVD Release Party October 22, 2009 Narragansett, RI

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